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Zagazig University (ZU Egypt)


Zagazig University is one of the largest universities in Egypt.  It is situated in Zagazig City, the capital of Skarkeya Governorate, which is one of the largest Governorates in a mainly rural part of Lower Egypt.  Zagazig University was founded in 1974 and has now over 100’000 students, 4000 teaching staff and 2500 assistants, spread over 100 departments in 19 colleges. The department of engineering is among the oldest ones in the university and has over 10’000 students enrolled in it.  Currently, the creation of the new study program “Mechatronics” is being planned.  The university is currently successfully implementing four TEMPUS projects, one of which in the department of engineering (JEP 31007-2003: e-learning systems for water and environmental studies). Experiences gained through the latter, inter-project coaching and shared use of the existing facilities will be an integral part of the project. The project team consists of Prof. Nabil Mostafa, Ass. Prof. El Shahate Fayed and Ass. Prof. Amal Abdel Gawad.

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